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Marketing & Web Integration

Full-Service Marketing Company
VPN Marketing Group, Inc. is a full-service marketing company consisting of a team of specialists with backgrounds in marketing, copywriting, graphics, computer and internet applications, web design, web integration, and process control. We have 20+ years of research, branding and print experience, and 17+ years of web design/ development experience.

Our customers range from inventors to higher education to municipalities; from start-ups to companies with years of solid history. Our desire is to provide big ad agency quality to the small business market. We love to bring our experience to play in assisting in the success of our clients.

IT and Marketing Collaboration = Great Websites
Some companies have had trouble viewing the web as a part of their marketing function. Often the corporate website is handled by the IT department rather than marketing personnel. Things appear to be changing, however, and it is becoming more apparent that websites and web marketing are a real part of the collaborative marketing effort consisting of print media, outdoor, radio/television, packaging and so on.

Marketing Integration
At VPN Marketing Group, we believe an integrated marketing effort maximizes the return on your investment. If we are developing for web, we begin the design process with print-ready art where possible to enable us to easily produce print collateral to support the website in case it is needed at a later date. When designing for print, we take into consideration elements and text that will translate easily to the web efforts; and, keep our eyes open for cross-marketing opportunities. And, even if we have a hefty print campaign with a small supporting website, we make sure we optimize the site for the search engines, so it can be producing to its fullest potential rather than just taking up space.

Empower and Assist
The internet has become a very popular marketing medium. Our team of programmers, designers and writers work to create professional sites with functionality geared to the needs of each individual business. Our sites allow our clients to easily update text and images from simple forms which size and optimize the images and maintain the integrity of the formatting. Our philosophy is to empower our clients, but we happy to help make changes for them as needed.

Corresponding Campaigns
We also run banner ad campaigns for our clients that integrate with both the print and website efforts. And, we utilize our partnerships to help us clients gain an advantage over their competition.

The VPN Difference
One of the difficulties with the internet is understanding the differences between various web designers' product offerings. The internet is filled with websites that are difficult to navigate and lack a professional appearance. If you think of a website as an investment in advertising space, your site should be giving you a return on your investment; and, every inch is valuable real estate. If your site is not producing contacts or sales for you, or if you are frustrated with the look, functionality or placement of your website in the search results, we may be able to help.

Expandable Websites
We build our sites to expand as your business expands. So, if you want to add a shopping cart, we can seamlessly add it. If you know you may want to sell online in the future, but, you just aren't quite ready yet; we will program your site to allow you to enter your products but keep the pricing and purchase options turned off until you want to offer a product for sale. And, if you want to try selling before you commit to the monthly e-commerce fees, our CheckoutSolution will allow you to give it a try with a much smaller investment.

SEO Search Engine Optimization
We have learned over the years that people don't really understand that a website is another product in their product mix. It has to be maintained and promoted just like any other product. VPN Group will help guide you along the way, even after we deliver your site. And, we include SEO into all of our sites.

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